BadMoonRizn Farm

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BadMoonRizn as a buckling

Welcome to BadMoonRizn Farm!

BadmoonRizn Farm is the home to many wonderful goats, spreading throughout the breeds of Toggenburgs, Nigerian Dwarfs, and Lamanchas. Joining our farm, is the long-awaited Guernseys. All of us from BadMoonRizn (goats included) are extraordinarily glad that you have found your way to our page and hope that you find us enjoyable. 

BadMoonRizn Farm was named after a special buckling that I will forever hold dear to my heart.  I got him at a year old and he was my very first registered goat.  I didn't have any registered does at the time.....and sadly...he was killed by another goat before I ever got any registered babies out of him.  

NC Promisedland MS BadMoonRizn was a gorgeous buck whose legacy will forever live within our farm.  He was never registered, but I still keep his application in my binder.

Home of 2 AMAZING Does!!!!