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Livestock Guardian Dogs

If you have any farm animals, then you need to protect them.  Goats, sheep, chickens....they are all prey animals and can make quick and easy meals for fox, wolves, coyotes and more.  It is our job and responsibility to protect our herds and flocks.



Nala is half Great Pyrenees and half Anatolian Shepherd.  She is a very intelligent girl that is a go getter.  She has been an amazing mom teaching the puppies how to guard the farm.  She tatkes her job very seriously.



Chief is a full papered Anatolian Shepherd.  He is a gorgeous brindle long haired boy.  He is very protective of his people and hates strangers.  He is the one to "greet" you when you drive up.



75% Anatolian Shepherd 25% great Pyrenees

Our puppies are born outside in the goat pen. Raised outside with the goats and 4 adult LGDs to train them. NOT PETS!! They have never been inside. They are not going to come up to humans for petting. They will bark at people/strangers. We raised them with a hand off approach so they will bond to the animals and do their job.

They do follow us as we do chores. They do bark at strange dogs too.

They are supervised with our baby goats.  They have been great with them.

500 if you want a girl

400 if you want a boy

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