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Saanen Does

Saanens and Sables

Saanens are one of the best Dairy goats I have ever had.  Their laid back personality has been great to have on the farm and is a big help on the milkstand.  Sables are just like Saanens...but with color!  Since pure white goats arent very "eye-catching", the color of the sables is a lot more pleasing when looking at a whole herd.  

***UPDATE:  I will be getting out of Saanens and Sables!!!!!  My Sable buck and several does are for sale!!!!!!  This has nothing to do with them...i just want to focus more on my Toggs and Nigerians!!!!!



From Left to right: Pheonix, Etta, Laverne, Evita

Cotton Candy surveying her kingdom

Evita and her babies

Cheri and Cotton Candy - 9th place at Nationals 2016