BadMoonRizn Farm

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BadMoonRizn OL Pyroxenite

Pyroxenite is a young buck that I suddenly decided to use.  Originally...I was going to AI a bunch of my Does...but with the death of my mom and a bunch of other things going on...I decided I needed to just keep it easy this year.

But wow, what a buck!!!  he is young, but I can see he is a really good choice to complement my does!!!!  And he has waddles!!!!!  I am a sucker for waddles!!

Sire:  Heatwave KM Outlaw

SS: KBarC KLE Malachite

SD: CH Blue Blanket Farms KBCF Dawn

Dam: KBarC GF Morganite

DS: KBarC GE Golden Flame *B

DD: KBarC LR Unique Jewelry