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Betty's Acres BAWD Jaden

Ahh....Jaden.....what can I say about this very opinionated Doe?  What can I say about this doe with the resting B*tch face?  The one who glares at me while I milk her out....

Jaden is a very beautiful Doe and she knows it.  She walks into the ring like she owns it...and the first show I took her to, she easily went Grand Champion.

Show History:

2021 NRV Fair - Grand Champion

Kidding History:



Sire:  Betty's Acres SKW Delineate

SS:  SGCH Sun-Kissed RazzlDDW Winchezter ++*B

SD:  CH Betty's Acres RFR Destiny

Dam:  Betty's Acres BADO Jazz

DS:  Betty's Acres CHBO Denny O

DD:  CH Betty's Acres A Joker