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GCH BadMoonRizn Fern 1*M

2016 & 2021 Breed Leader

#3 in 2018
#2 in 2019

2021 National Show - Lifetime Milk and Butterfat


2018 - And when I thought it couldnt get any DID!  I took Fern to the Legendary Goat Breeders Show and she took GRAND CHAMPION and BEST OF BREED in 2 rings!!!!  That makes Fern a PERMANENT GRAND CHAMPION!!!!!  WHOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!


2017 - WOW!   What a year I have had with Fern!!!! it almost seems like a dream when I look back on it. She was so scrawny last year but had a huge udder and could pump out milk like crazy!


I kept her in milk through the winter and she filled out...but it was so slow, we didnt notice. I kept her at home and didnt really take her to any shows...but then suddenly...we had our LAs.....and our appraiser was highly complimentary of Fern.... So I figured I needed to take her to more shows.....she started getting first place!!!! But then....unexpectedly....she took GRAND CHAMPION at the Virginia State fair!!!!! but she lost to the champion challenger for Best of Breed. But then the judge announced that the best of breed was going to yield udder to Fern!!!!!! FERN TAKES BEST UDDER IN BREED!!!!!!!!!!!


After Best in Show, Fern was put in line up for Best Udder in show and the judge paused as Fern took her place. He spoke very highly of her udder and how well she was milked out.....For a moment, i had a chance....but then he went back to the Iron Rod Alpine for Best Udder in Show. But I will never forget that he paused as he actually considered Fern's udder for the best udder in show :)


Fern is on milk test for 2016 and is consistantly making 11+ pounds a day :)  UPDATE:  This lactation earned her a spot as the NUMBER 1 GRADE LAMANCHA for all of the USA!!!!  Breed Leader for 2016 making 2800 pounds of milk in her 305 day lactation!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fern is a Grade Lamancha that I registered Native on Appearence. 



GCH & BUIB - Legendary Goat Show x2

Grand Champion & Best Udder of Breed - Virginia State Fair 2017

1st Place Aged Milkers - Virginia State Fair - 2017

11th Place 5-6 Year old Milkers - ADGA NATIONALS 2016

1st Place - 5+ year old milkers - Virginia State Fair 2016

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