BadMoonRizn Farm

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MilkMaster Dirk Darla's Hanna

My Horse.  She is my horse.  She is big and strong and when she walks, there is a ton of power in her stride.  She is not comfortable being she hunches her back.  But I am working with her...maybe next year LOL

And yes...she is a First Freshener at age 5

I got Hanna from Allen Bitter after he passed away :(

Kidding History:

2021 twin Bucks

Sire:  MilkMaster Mary's Dirk

SS:  Sun-Kissed Max Diesel

SD:  MilkMaster Laurie's Mary

Dam:  MilkMaster BBC M-Way's Darla

DS:  SG Bell Boy's Calypso ++*B

DD:  MilkMaster Snicker Milkyway