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Skylines SF New Jersey

Poor Jersey came to me at about 18 months of age.  Her breeder had come home from work...did too quick of a check on her goats...and went to bed.  The next morning, she found a goat was missing.  Jersey was found hanging by her foot...and was believed to have been there for up to 24 hours.  Her breeder was unable to spend the time to get her taken care was just about to send her to I asked her to be brought to me.  and I am glad I did.

Jersey is terrified of humans, but we worked with her a lot and have gotten her to trust us.  She will always have a limp due to the permanent injury, but she is not in pain and acts just like any other goat.

her udder is magnificent.  Her foreudder is nice and smooth and just one of my favorite udders to milk.

Kidding History:

2021: twin Bucklings

Sire:  CH Skylines SWV Finnegan

SS: CH Skylines WFM Victorious

SD:  CH Skylines WFF Bryce

Dam:  Skylines WFF Lousianna

DS:  Welbian-Farm's FB Fox

DD:  Skylines WFF Mississippi