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Cherry Glen Hallmark Fiano


If you are going to have 1 Alpine in your herd...MAKE IT A GREAT ONE...and that I did :)  


I call her my Perfect Storm :)  


Storm nearly met her fate on the meat truck.  Not knowing who she was, i bought her and brought her home.  As this poor trembling alpine stood on my milkstand, I realized she was more than just a goat.  She was special.  So I checked her ears...and sure enough...there it clear as day...a tattoo.  So I jumped on the internet and with the help of a few great friends, I found who the breeder was.


Now this breeder had made me cry before, so just the thought of writing him was terrifying.  I gathered my nerve, and wrote him and offered to buy her papers.....still not even knowing her name.


As luck would have it, he wrote me back and told me how much to buy her papers...and I said YES!  She was worth it.  I still didnt know her name when I sent off the money.  But when the papers came to me....I was speechless!  he not only sent off her papers, but he sent in her completed Doe Sheets earning her her Milk Star!


Storm is definitely MY goat.  I have taken her to a few shows this year and she always wants to be by my side and has been known to call for me when i leave the barn.  She is a KEEPER :)


SGCH Cherry Glen Radical Hallmark ++*B 

AR2006 ST2011

Sire's Sire:

GCH Tempo Aquila Free Radical ++*B 

Sire's Dam

SGCH Cherry Glen T. Holly's Hope 2*M

Dam's Sire:
Cherry Glen Abraham Rolan +*B

Cherry Glen Rolan Fave 13*M AR2013

Cherry Glen Morrie Fallow 12*M

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